My Platform

I believe in building a strong community for life, so you can move here, grow your family, build your career, stay into retirement, and watch your grandchildren grow up in Greenwich and Stamford.

Elect Kathleen Stowe

How Can We Accomplish This?

  1. Foster a Strong Local and State Economy

    Promote Connecticut as a destination for businesses and their employees to thrive. Attract and retain businesses through supportive policies and reasonable regulations.

  2. Support Top Quality Education System

    Education is the foundation of a strong community, a healthy society and a robust economy. Committed to a top quality education for all students at all levels.

  3. Protect the Environment

    Preserve the environment and the natural beauty of our open spaces. Encourage recycling, composting and other programs to reduce waste and benefit future generations.

  4. Ensure Safety, Health, and Justice for All

    Support legislation to protect women’s rights. Promote a robust dialogue on criminal justice reform. Enhance gun safety to protect our children and our communities.

  5. Lead Connecticut through COVID and Emerge Stronger

    Reopen the state and our economy in a healthy and responsible manner. Capitalize on trends toward distributed working and living, capturing the urban exodus to grow our state.

  6. Maintain Fiscal Responsibility

    Pursue all of these goals with financial discipline. Use our resources efficiently and keep our tax rates as low as possible. Grow our communities, economy and tax base to ensure our fiscal future.

We need to accomplish these goals while maintaining prudent fiscal management to minimize the tax burden on individuals and businesses. Today this is more important than ever and I will bring my financial expertise, understanding of the needs of families and businesses, and long standing civic engagement to represent our community.

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